The John Anson Kittredge Fund

The Fund was established in 1957 by Eleanor and Tracy Kittredge in memory of their son.† It is a small charitable foundation.† Yearly grants seldom total more than $90,000.† Despite its limited resources, however, the fund typically attracts hundreds of applicants annually.

The Fundís grantees tend to be individuals engaged in specific projects that will contribute to the development of their creative or scholarly potential.† Typical recipients are enrolled in graduate study or postgraduate work, or are at an early stage of a promising professional career in the arts, humane letters, or social sciences.† The Fund strives to assist gifted people, otherwise qualified for standard foundation awards, but with needs that cannot readily be met from other sources offering fellowships or grants-in-aid. Special consideration has been given to residents of Maine.

The Fund does not award grants for either of the following:

         To pay tuition or take the place of scholarships; or

         To help individuals suffering from medical or other personal hardship,


Applicants should send a detailed proposal and budget to the address below, and have three other persons send supporting letters to the same address.† Artists should include descriptions or representations of their work (e.g., images, CDs, etc.) if relevant to their application.† All materials should be received by the Fund no later than March 15th of the grant year.† If you are to receive a grant from the Fund, you will be notified before the end of April.† There will be no other communication from the Fund.† No materials will be returned.

Send applications and supporting letters to:

Kittredge Fund

PO Box 380789

Cambridge, MA 02238-0789

Please include a current email address.